Hockley Farm in Texas

Hockley Farm is a 12 acre beekeeping farm in Hockley, TX. We currently have about 300 hives in this location with most of the honey coming from the Tallow trees nearby, which produces a smooth tasting Tallow honey that is popular among locals. This location also provides Canola, Sunflower and Buckwheat nectar, and to provide and all-natural product, no additional material is fed to our bees. Please feel free to visit us a 23430 Bauer Hockley Road, Hockley, TX 77447.

Beekeeper’s home

Our company provides a temporary home for the beekeepers at each location. This is done to ensure a comfortable on-site living environment that allows the beekeepers to tend to the beehives on a daily basis. We believe that only when you have truly satisfied workers, will you have the finest quality product.


Canada Location

The Winkler facility was established in 2012 for the natural black soils and adequate resources that give our honey a promising outlook.  These rich soils of the area are suitable for irrigation and produce potato, corn and bean crops. To the east, finer textured clay soilsyield sugar beets, canola, beans, corn and small grains, excellent for honey.



Our 4,000 square feet factory, which sits on 10 acres, has a variety of flowers, such as Flos Sophorae, Alfalfa, and other yellow flowers. This combination produces a unique multi-flowered honey product.

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